Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in Olivedale

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy rehabilitation is a very broad term that describes what we as physiotherapists do to assist someone getting back to life. 

Physical therapy rehabilitation includes all the treatments needed to improve a person’s function, whether from after an injury, surgery, illness, wear and tear or ageing. It does not matter if the problems are with muscles, nerves or joints - physiotherapists can assist with all of it.

Physio rehab does not only apply to top sports people, but also to the person who loves walking their dog, who needs to be able to climb a few steps at home or someone who needs to strengthen up after being ill for a long time.

The treatment will normally take place in an outpatient practice, where the physiotherapist will treat you hands-on to decrease pain, release tight structures, re-educate the nervous system and activate muscles. This, however, is a small portion of the whole picture. Your physical therapist will partner with you by also giving you the necessary exercises, stretches and lifestyle advice to make sure that what has been done in the rooms, will continue to help you long after physiotherapy treatment has stopped. These home programmes will be your first-aid kit and prevention tool so that you can get on with life and be in control of your recovery journey.

Physical therapy rehabilitation services I focus on in my practice include the following:

Rehabilitation after surgery

• Sports Rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation after injury

• Cancer Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy rehabilitation also includes rehabilitation after a stroke or traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation of the elderly (balance rehab, optimising movement in Parkinson’s disease, mobility management in Alzheimer’s disease etc.) as well as physio rehabilitation of a person after a spinal cord injury or amputation. 

Physiotherapy rehabilitation services are available for the following age groups:

• physiotherapy rehabilitation for infants

• physiotherapy rehabilitation for children

• physiotherapy rehabilitation for adults

• physiotherapy rehabilitation for the elderly

 I consult from my practice located in Johannesburg-North at the Timron Health and Wellness Centre, that is a short distance drive from:

• Douglasdale

• Bryanston

• Randburg

• Strydompark

• Olivedale

• Fourways

• North Riding

• Strydompark

• Lonehill

If you recovering from any of the conditions mentioned above and you in need of Physiotherapy rehabilitation, feel free to contact me to discuss the appropriate treatment or MAKE AN APPOINTMENT today.

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